You've gotta.....

You've gotta dance like there's nobody watching/ Love like you'll never be hurt/ Sing like there's nobody listening/ And live like it's heaven on earth.
William W. Purkey

duminică, septembrie 20

Sa alegi cu grija...

o pilda...

Vine un călugăr la o femeie şi-i spune:

„Primeşte-mă să înnoptez"

„Te primesc, îi răspunde femeia. Insă trebuie să alegi una din trei: ori îmi tai ţapul, ori te culci cu mine, ori bei vin. Alege".

Călugărul s-a gândit:

„Să tai un ţap nu pot,  pentru că e omor, să mă culc cu femeia, iarăşi nu pot. Ar fi un sacrilegiu. Va trebui să beau vin, este păcatul cel mai mic dintre toate".

După ce a băut, călugărul a îndeplinit şi celelalte două dorinţe ale femeii.

marți, septembrie 1

Supa celor 5 elemente! Reteta magica impotriva bolilor sistemului imunitar si alte dezastre organice

O reteta inventata de un japonez, si care pare a fi un curativ de baza in tratarea cancerului. Are la baza teoria celor 5 elemente, atit de putin cunoscuta si asumata de occidentali.
Recomandata de terapeuti chinezi de MTC.

Five vegetable soup drunk effectively enhance immunity Health body healthy eating Five vegetable soup on the prevention of disease, improve their immunity and resistance to disease has a significant effect. It consists of burdock, white radish, white radish leaves, carrot, mushrooms boiled in accordance with a certain proportion.

Cyan Yanggan white radish leaf, red carrot Yangxin, white radish white, black mushrooms yellow burdock dependent spleen. to "nourish organs, strong body." According to our traditional therapeutic system, the "Five Elements soup" sense of proportion. Medicine has long been the motherland, "Five Elements of Health restraint" theory. "Huang Di Nei Jing," pointed out: "blue appropriate acid, Firelight Red wish hardship Yi Gan yellow, white Yi Xin Jin lung, kidney desirable black salt water.

For the five internal organs, outside the main five elements, with five-color . " Five elements, five colors, five flavors can play with the five internal organs nourished, Xiaozhi qi, yin and yang conditioning, Bushen Yiqi, and reinforce the efficacy of three high, constipation, insomnia, gynecological diseases, cataract, presbyopia, psoriasis, the kinds of inflammation, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular and other chronic diseases have a very good role in health care.

At present, by the China Industry and Trade Co., Ltd. Xuzhou Tianli declared "vegetable health care and promote the application of law" has been included in China Chinese medicine science and technology development centers communicate scientific and technological achievements to promote the project.

Therapy introduced in the five elements of the vegetable soup, great burdock tea varieties such as family therapeutic care to improve people's diet structure, improve the physical quality people, reduce health care costs, will play a positive role. From a single food, the "Five Elements soup" of the material has a theoretical basis for cancer prevention.

Burdock: Burdock is rich in saponins, burdock phenol, inulin, palmitic acid and other substances. Protein, calcium and fiber content of plant foods for the root first. Nutrition experts believe that the United States burdock is a good state of maintenance of the body mild herbs, non-toxic side effects, known as "nature's best blood clearance agent." Dictionary of Traditional Chinese Medicine records, burdock has to promote growth, inhibit tumor and antibacterial activity.

White radish: Civil society has "small radish October ginseng", which can be described as white radish are Jiapin cancer prevention. Which contained a variety of enzymes, can break down carcinogenic nitrosamines. Interferon-inducible activity of which is a very strong agent with anti-virus, anti-cancer function.

White radish leaf: Also known as turnip-under, radish cherry and so on, have Xiaoshi, qi, and the role. Can not rule the spleen and stomach, Needless.
Carrot: Rich in carotenoids, have antioxidant, inhibiting the growth of free radicals, enhance immune function, which can also be contained in mannitol treatment of chronic diarrhea.

Mushrooms: Black mushrooms do have a wealth of vitamins and minerals, in which the ribose acid can enhance the body's ability to anti-tumor resistance; Japan, the United States and other countries, scientists have discovered, mushrooms contained in a certain enzyme, can improve the body's cancer inhibiting capacity, so the mushroom known as the "cancer of recruits."