You've gotta.....

You've gotta dance like there's nobody watching/ Love like you'll never be hurt/ Sing like there's nobody listening/ And live like it's heaven on earth.
William W. Purkey

luni, noiembrie 24

Ashes and Snow sau elefantii mei cazatori...

lui Alex Galmeanu, pentru ca am uitat de ziua imi cer iertare...

Ashes and Snow....un film initiatic, o poezie si o viziune, o fiinta care iubeste... In bara din dreapta aveti un link, catre cel mai de suflet proiect. Sustinut de Rolex Institute. Si da, cred ca elefantii cad din cer...

"I saw Edens that I had held in my hands, but let go
I saw promises I did not keep

Pains I did not sooth

Wounds I did not heal
Tears I did not shed

I saw deaths I did not mourn
Prayers I did not answer

Doors I did not open
Doors I did not close
Lovers I left behind
And dreams I did not live

I saw all that was offered to me,
that I could not accept

I saw the letters I wished for,
but never received

I saw all that could have been,
but never will be."

si iata si o frintura din film:

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