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joi, noiembrie 20

Nepal Buddha Boy

Am cules un articol interesant despre Noul Buddha, un baiat care a fost gasit in padure meditind. Si a ramas acolo, in padure, in Nepal, pentru 3 ani.

Televiziunile l-au filmat si gasitit aici filmuletele cu el, in vremea la care era inca un copchil.

Se credea ca este noul mintuitor, noul Buddha. Se crede si acum de unii sau altii.

Apoi, a disparut. Acum, am preluat de pe The Buddhist Blog ceva informatii despre micul Buddha care s-a intors pentru putin timp
Ram Bahadur Bamjan. The "Buddha Boy" Re-Emerges From Forest.
So the Buddha boy has re-emerged from the forest to greet his followers before returning back to the forest for more meditation. I have been skeptical from the beginning that he is the reincarnation of Buddha because from what I know Siddhartha Gautama had broken free of the cycle of birth and death by being transformed by mahaparinirvana:
"Being Buddha means the last birth and the highest level that can be achieved. There can be no reincarnation of Buddha, even though Buddhists believe in life after death," said Rakesh, a Buddhist scholar in Katmandu who goes by only one name.
I guess some see him as Maitreya (the "next Buddha") who will restore the "pure Dharma" to Earth but there are two requirements before Maitreya could arrive on Earth. First: 1). The Dharma will no longer be taught, which is clearly not evident now as Buddhism is growing faster than maybe since its arrival into greater Asia with converts in the west such as in America, Europe and Australia. And with the invention of the internet the teachings of ordained Dharma teachers are more widely available than perhaps at any time in the history of Buddhism.The other requirement that needs to occur before Maitreya will arrive is that Buddhism must be completely forgotten, which is clearly not the case right now on Earth.
such as oceans shrinking in size, which isn't happening. In fact, because of global warming the oceans are rising. Thus, I think it can be safe to assume that "Buddha boy" is not Maitreya.There is something about this Buddha boy, his "handlers" and "followers" seems very suspicious to me. I'm also curious about the monks seen in the above picture. They seem to wear the robes of Tibetan Buddhist monks and so I'd be curious to hear what their teachers and senior monks think of Buddha boy

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