You've gotta.....

You've gotta dance like there's nobody watching/ Love like you'll never be hurt/ Sing like there's nobody listening/ And live like it's heaven on earth.
William W. Purkey

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The Paratrooper

A paratrooper was scared to jump. His instructor told him, "If anything goes wrong, say, `Buddha oh Buddha' and you will be saved."
The paratrooper got so scared that he forgot to pull his rip cord. So he said, "Buddha oh Buddha," and a hand came out and saved him.
He said, "Thank God," and he was dropped.
(Contributed by David Mather)

Driving in India

A monk was driving in India when suddenly a dog crosses the road. The car hit and killed the dog. The monk looked around and seeing a temple, went to knock on the door. A monk opened the door. The first monk said: "I'm terribly sorry, but my karma ran over your dogma."

(Contributed by Nebuchadnezzar)

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deci al doilea este absolut genial!

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Trebuie sa recunosti ca daca este ceva etern la budistii astia, umorul este! Si cind un copy citeste umor budist...avem deja un za-zen.....Sa traiesti in gratie!